Visiting the Cemetery

Cemetery Transcribing at an 1850's era cemetery.

One great place to find information about your ancestors, is at their grave site. While visiting one ancestor’s grave site, you may find other family members buried nearby. If you do not know where an ancestor is buried, look in their obituary or on their death certificate. If the cemetery is large, it is wise to go to the office for a map of where to begin looking. Some cemetery offices will provide you with copies of interment records for your ancestor.

Many cemeteries are in poor shape or have very little maintenance. You may have to dig to find a headstone. Headstones may also be weathered to the point where they are illegible. If you are unable to read a headstone inquire at a local library, genealogical, or historical society. These organizations often have transcriptions of headstones from local cemeteries.

Although transcriptions are a great resource for genealogical information, nothing beats seeing the real headstone. If you ancestors are buried a far distance from where you are now, is a valuable resource to check out. On this website, you can view headstones from cemeteries all over the world. You can also upload photos that you have taken on your own visits to the cemetery, to share with other genealogists.


About Geneological

Researching genealogy has been an interest of mine since 2007. Like most of my hobbies I became deeply involved. In addition to internet reseach, I have spent weeks at several libraries, have taken research vacations, and have acquired copious amounts of geneological data.
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