The Monticello Herald

Scanned Image of Monticello Herald

It is difficult to find digital copies of old small town newspapers.  I have been going through microfilms of The Monticello Herald from White County, Indiana, USA.  I will convert some into digital format.  It would also be nice to create an index of names mentioned in each edition.

This digital copy was created by scanning each page of the newspaper from microfilm into four Tagged Image File Format (.tiff) files.  Next, Photoshop was used to paste and align the four scanned images together into one file.  Finally, the image of each page in the newspaper was merged into one document, using Adobe Acrobat.

I hope to find a good Optical Character Reconition (OCR) tool that will help transcribe this paper.  This will greatly reduce the time required to create an index of the names mentioned.

25 November 1880 — The Monticello Herald


About Geneological

Researching genealogy has been an interest of mine since 2007. Like most of my hobbies I became deeply involved. In addition to internet reseach, I have spent weeks at several libraries, have taken research vacations, and have acquired copious amounts of geneological data.
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