Transcription of Last Will and Testament of Elizabeth Haskins

Wills are an excellent source of geneological information.  In addition to other interesting information, this will from Elizabeth Haskins identified her two sons, confirmed Robert Haskins was her second husband, and gave a list of her property (40 acres, furniture, and a horse).  

Please share in a post if you can decipher any of this text better than I did.

Thank you, Eric Pierce

1 February 20th 1861.  I Elizabeth Haskins being about to depart this life do hereby
2 dissolve of what property it has pleased and to entrust the with in the following
3 manner to – with I hereby give to my two sons, Levi and George Swartzell all
4 my Real Estate amounting to forty acres the said Levi is to have the West half
5 and George the East half.  The son George is to have one bed and bedding and
6 clock.  My husband Robert Haskins is to have my young, 4 year old horse
7 colt.  Witnessed of my hand and seal Elizabeth Haskins [Seal]  Witness Joseph
8  Shelton MS Mitchell.
9 State of Indiana White County in be it remembered
10 that on the 15th day of April 1861.  Joseph Shelton one of the subscribing witnesses
11 to the above and foregoing Last Will And Testament of Elizabeth Haskins
12 late of said County deceased to which this affidavit is attached personally
13 appeared before me Orlando J Conafay Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas
14 of White County in the State of Indiana and being duly sworn by the Clerk of
15 said Court upon this solemn oath declared and testified aforesaid to sit
16 that is to say: that on the 20th of February 1861, the said Elizabeth Haskins
17 sign her name to the said testament in writing as and for her Last Will
18 and Testament and that the said Deponent at the same time heard the
19 said Elizabeth Haskins declare the said instrument in writing to be her Last
20 Will and Testament and that the said instrument in writing was at the same
21 time as the request of the said Elizabeth Haskins and  with her consent attested
22 and subscribed by the said Joseph Phabus and by W.S. Mitchell in the presence
23 of the Testator and in the presence of each other as subscribing writing or other acts
24 and that the said Elizabeth Haskins the said Testator was at the time of the
25 signing and subscribing of the said instrument in writing as aforesaid officially
26 that is more than twenty-one years of age and of sound and disposing mind and
27 memory.  And not under and coercion or restraint as the said Deponent verily believes
28 And further Deponent says not.  Joesph Phebus.
29 Sworn to and subscribed by the said Joseph Phenus before me Orlando
30 McConafias Clerk of the said Court of Common Pleas at Monticello this 10th day of
31 April A.D. 1861.
32 In attestation whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name
33 and affixed the Seal of said Court at Offices in Monticello this 10th day
34 of April A.D. 1861.
35 C McConsafay Clerk
36 C C P White Co
37 The State of Indiana White County.  I C McConsbay Clerk of the
38 Court of Common Pleas of said County certify that the within Said Will of
39 Elizabeth Haskins late of White County deceased has been duly admitted to probate
40 that its due execution was this day proven by Joseph Chalew.  Whose proofs to-
41 gether with such Will have been duly recorded on 29 page of the Record of White
42 in my office In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed
43 [S.S] the Seal of said Court this 16th day of April 1861.
44 O. Mc Conalay Clerk
45 By D. D. Dale     Dep
46 State of Indiana
47 White County F J Orlando Mc Gourehay Clerk of the Court of
  <new page>
49 the County Parse or our pieces of White County in the State of Indiana.
50 do hereby certify that the afore and foregoing is a true and complete
51 Record of the Last Will and Testament of Elizabeth Haskins late
52 Subscribing witnesses there to as filed and recorded in my Office on the
53 15th day of April 1861.
54 Witness my hand this 15th day of April AD 1861.
55 C McYouahay Clerk C.C.P.
56 By Dan D Dikle D ps

This is a scan from pages 29 and 30 from White County, Indiana, USA.


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Researching genealogy has been an interest of mine since 2007. Like most of my hobbies I became deeply involved. In addition to internet reseach, I have spent weeks at several libraries, have taken research vacations, and have acquired copious amounts of geneological data.
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